A Crafters Storage and Workstation System




 Dedicated to the specific storage needs for crafters

Do you have craft materials scattered around the house, often hidden away in boxes or in closed cabinets? Would you like to get organized and see everything you have?

Shelve-it is a modular storage system that offers individual storage components, most of which stack and can be configured the way you want to work.  Components sit on a work surface and most are stackable. All available from Shelve-it.

You may already have a storage strategy but find there are things that just don’t fit. Take a look at our special storage solutions pages. The units there are not part of our modular storage system but work in most cases.

Easy, efficient, a place for everything and everything visible.

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  • I received my order and am absolutely thrilled. Not only is the unit of excellent quality even the shipping package exceeded expectations. Thank you so much. I will recommend Shelve-it to all my crafting friends.

  • Hi john
    I live in Penticton and would quite a few of ur shelves … I will be in Vancouver r u located there so I can pick up rather than paying for shipping… And how long do u need for time frame we will there out 14th

    • I build these to order so you have to contact me via email, or Myers.j1967@

      The sooner you declare your order, the quicker I can get to it. I live in Victoria. Is there someone you know in Vancouver I could send the shipment to? Please continue this dialogue by email.

  • How do I order? I would like the 3 for 125.00. The ones that hold the ink pads,the markers, refill bottles please. How much does it cost to ship to calmar,alberta T0C0V0. How do I pay? Do you take Mastercard?

    • Shirley, once you understand our order and payment policy, you simply have to send me an email describing what you want.

      Our Order and Payment Procedure.

      You order by email either accessed through the web site or a personal email to me

      I put the order into my build schedule and when I start your build I send you an email. Once your build is complete, I get a firm quote for shipping and send you an email giving you the final cost to you including shipping and a picture of the products I have built for you. At that point you decide if you want the products. You may modify or cancel the order at this time. If everything is OK and you want them, you arrange an etransfer or send a cheque. Once the money has been received and clear (specific to the cheque) we ship the product the next day and give you a tracking number.

      Shipping estimate to your postal code for the three pieces is $40.

  • Hi John I can’t seem to get into your Web site to see all your projects that you build. I would love to see this stuff and know a way of ordering from you please.

    • The products are displayed one level down from the welcome page. If you look on the right of the Welcome page you will see product categories. Click on them and that will take you to the pictures and descriptions.

      Once you know what you would like, let me know by email. I will then do an estimate on shipping. If you then want me to proceed with the build, let me know and I will schedule the work. Once the work is finished, I will send you a picture of the completed order. At that time you have to decide if you really want it or not. If you do not just cancel and I will put those items into my inventory. If you do want them I will give you a final price including shipping, you make an etransfer to my wife and we ship it the next business day and send you a tracking number. No money changes hands until you see what I have built and you like it. Also, because I am a small craft company and do not make enough to break the tax barrier there is no tax.

      Thanks for you interest in Shelve-it.

  • Hello John, this is Loretta. I had ordered an ink pad storage unit from you and then started thinking that I might not get the use of it. So I cancelled out. Well if you still have the drawing, my family have convinced me to go ahead and have it made, that is if you are willing to do it. If possible would I be able to have holes made on left side of cabinet (as you face it) to hold re-ink bottles? Let me know what you think and if you have any other idea. Thanks.

  • Hey John;
    Got my boxes set up and filled with DSP and card stock in many colours, ribbons fill my ribbon holder, my punches and ink pads with their markers are very happy in their places. That is the best birthday present I have had in many years! Thank you so much for your fine wood working, it is a pleasure to have your boxes in my craft room. I may have to order more one day soon. I am passing your site on to some of my favourite crafters. Thanks again…r.

  • I was so excited to get my Stair storage yesterday, I had to set it up right away, John. It’s ideal, especially for Framelits etc. where the name is already printed on top. Good for embossing folders too. Thanks so much.

    • Bonny. The complete storage system we build can be combined into a desk. By purchasing the under workstation cabinets, they become the base for the desk surface. The desk surface can be any flat surface. We recommend a 2’x 4′ or 2’x 6′ or 2′ x 8′ piece of 3/4″ plywood or MDF. MDF is normally used as it requires no finishing and has no splintering.

      Once the support cabinets are put in place, the above work surfaces can be purchased and placed/stacked as you require for the craft supplies you need. I can provide more information if you can tell me a little about what craft material you need to store.

  • Wow, John – great website – clean, easy to follow. I can hardly wait until my craft room is finished so that I can put in my first order – for I’m sure there will be a few!

  • heh there.
    Just want to let everyone know what a fantastic work or should I say fun space this is. I have a desk unit and shelves – all my supplies close at hand. What a difference it is from previously dragging everything out of the closet as I needed it . Bedtime was a hassle as everything was moved to the floor for a few days. Now everything is at my fingertips and left out for when I am ready to craft!
    I also like the fact that it is light weight. Being a single lady I can move it any time as it comes apart and I can rearrange it so easily. I have had lots of compliments on it.
    Can’t imagine my crafting life without it now. Thanks for being so clever John!

    Carol, thanks for your kind comments and being such a great cheerleader for Shelve-it.

  • Love the website John! Great job. I love that you’ve shown the products as they come as well as examples of what they look like filled. As an owner of several of these pieces, I can testify to your wonderful craftsmanship and great ideas! As I’m working with the pieces I have, I’m reconfiguring my space and it’s becoming even more organized. I’ll be placing another order right away. Thanks John and your lovely wife for getting us organized with products at reasonable prices that work for us!

    Karen, thanks for your kind comments. It’s been fun working with you and I look forward to doing more.

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