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This area of the blog is for crafters to leave their thoughts on storage challenges they have with their craft.

To start the thread, the following describes the Shelve-it approach to designing our components.

The Shelve-it system uses a standard above work surface box of 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ by different depths to accommodate craft storage.  Although this may not be large enough to accommodate some craft material, our designs will always be in increments of 9 1/2″.  A good example of this is our peg boards and shelves.  9 1/2″ was too small for that type of product so the peg boards and shelves were designed larger in increments or 9 1/2″.  Using that standard, we can easily stack components and bridge components so that a truly original and custom arrangement is achieved.

Under work surface components are also designed in increments of 9 1/2″. The work surface, usually a piece of 3/4″ MDF, sits on these units.  Three of our standard units high produces a work surface that can be comfortably sat at to work. The under work surface cabinets are wider than the above work surface ones and made from stronger material.

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  • i had already purchased some storage solutions from a company in the States but shipping was too expensive. I am thrilled that there is now a viable solution, and right in my home town. John has been wonderful to work with. He listens to your crafting challenges and is quick to come up with solutions. I am thoroughly enjoying the units I have purchased from him thus far. Thank you John (and of course you too Jean).


    Thanks for your kind comments. Our goal at Shelve-it is to provide crafters with products that make the crafting experience more enjoyable.

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