A Crafters Storage and Workstation System




A 4′ x 2′ workstation in a living room.


A 2″ x 5″ workstation in a bedroom. Notice the paper storage on its side. This makes it easier to see what you have when looking down under the work surface.


A 2″ x 5″ workstation. Notice the 9″ under work surface cabinet at the front on the floor. There are 2 more 9″ cabinets at the back out of sight.


The same workstation shown above but with a pegboard added on the right.

image5Ribbon 1

A ribbon shelf fully loaded. Notice the railing on the front with space below the railing and the shelf it is on. This allows you to run the ribbon under the railing.

Custom 4

A custom made spinner on the right and a custom made 168 marker case on the left.

Custom 3

Lots of Shelve-it’s stuff here. Paper storage, both 9 1/2 x 11 and 12 x 12. Custom circular tray with railing, stamp case boxes, new punch turntable, old punch turntable, and a ribbon shelf.

Custom 2

Same setup as above but taken from the other side. You can clearly see the difference between the new and old punch turntables.

Alignment 4

An old version of the alignment tool.

60 inker 2

60 ink pad, marker and re-inker storage. Markers are on the same shelf as its associated ink pad and can be stored on the right or the left of the pad.

Custom 1

You can see the accessory turntable in the foreground.

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  • I just checked your web site and I cannot find this particular piece pictured here and I would like to know what it has been designed for and also if it is indeed for the folded down punches that could be stored on their side . If this is what it is for I am very interested in one of them but I need sizes pf the slots and also the sizes of each compartment and a price .You can PM me here on F/B if you would like and I also would like it painted white as shown in this pic. Please PM me here on F/B so I don’t have to try and track down this post . Where are you located and what is the shipping prices. I am in PEI .
    I will be in Nova Scotia on the 17th. of Aug until the 22nd. Can you please tell me where you are located and I can order and pick up this unit if it will house the fold down punches . It is the pic that I commented on that you have on the F/B site . Please advise me asap. and how many punches would it hold and please give me the dimemsions so I Can measure for my space. Maybe I can have you build mine one layer higher . Also if you have a phone # that I can call you to discuss this I would appriciate that very much. Thanks and I hope to hear from you very soon.

  • Looking for the 60 ink shelf but wondering if you have some without the makers or re-inker on the same shelf

    • I could make a plain box that would hold 60 ink pads and no reinkers or markers if that’s what you are looking for. Contact me at and let me know. I will then do a drawing of it and provide a price and if you include your postal code in the email, I can give you the price for shipping at the same time.

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