A Crafters Storage and Workstation System

Stackable Components


The Shelve-it system of storage modules offers storage components that stack with common vertical measurements and storage solutions that are more stand alone components.

The stackable components are built of laminated 1/8″ MDF and are designed to stack up to three components high. Some pictures here are not exactly like the ones we now ship.  We have made improvements on most and are slowly updating the pictures to illustrate those changes.  This notice will be removed when all pictures have been updated.

Stackable Components:


8 1/2 x 11 Paper Box

There are two versions of this box, one with 10 shelves and one with 8 shelves.

When ordering, make sure you specify the number of shelves you want.

The boxes measure 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 11 1/8″ deep

$35 CDN each


8 1/2 x 11 paper boxes shown in both the 10 and 8 shelf version

Paper Storage

An example of the 10 shelf paper box filled with different coloured paper. The owner of this unit puts a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the shelf and attached a file folder tab on the left with the name of the paper. When she pulls on the file tab, the stack of paper slides out on the cardboard.

12 x 12 Paper Box

This box is made for use either above the work-surface or as part of the support cabinets below the work-surface.

There are eight shelves in this box.

 The box measures 13 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ x 12 1/4″ deep

$40 CDN each


12 x 12 paper box. Made strong enough to be a support component under the work surface but is still small enough to sit on the work surface if you prefer.


Ink Pad Box

This box can store 20 ink pads and there is enough room on each shelf to store a matching marker as well.

 The box measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep

$35 CDN each


Ink pad box

Ink Pad Box

Ink pad box half filled with ink pads and matching markers

 Stamp Case Box

This box can store stamp pad cases, DVD cases, VCR cases and others of similar dimensions.

 The box measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep

$25 CDN each


Stamp case box

Stamp Box 2

Stamp case turned on its side with 3 shelves removed

Stamp cases

Stamp case boxes used two ways


 Punch Box

This box has a reinforcing center divider which helps carry the extra weight of punches.

The shelves can be removed to make room for large punches. We also make a turntable punch storage system for both the new and old style punches. See the turntables in the Turntable Storage Unit page of this site.

 The box measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep

$25 CDN each


Punch box

Punch Box

Punch box with punches stored in it

Marker 1 Box

This box has different sized slots to accommodate different types of material.

 The box measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep

$40 CDN each


Marker 1 box

Marker Box 1

Marker 1 box with product stored in it

Marker 2 Box

This box has similar sized slots.

 The box measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep

$45 CDN each

Marker Box 2

Marker 2 box with same sized openings throughout the box

 Small Shelf

This shelf unit has a slot in the bottom back that an extension cord can be brought through. The bottom two shelves have rails in front so that small items and ribbons can be stored.

 The small shelf board measures 28 1/2″ x 19″ x 6″ deep.

$40 CDN each


Small shelf shown in front of the large shelf

Large Shelf

This shelf has a slot in the bottom back that an extension cord can be brought through. The bottom two shelves have railings in front of the shelf.

 The large shelf measures 38 x 19″ x 6″ deep.

$50 CDN each


Large shelf is shown behind the small shelf

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  • Hello, I notice that the pictures of users having more than one of the ink pad, reinker, marker combos are placing them on desks side by side. Would these be strong enough to stack 3 units high? I would love to have 3 of the “20 Ink Pad, Marker and re-inker” but only if they can be stacked. What taxes do you charge (GST, PST, HST) and what is the shipping charge to Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1G5?

  • OMG, I love these. We (people from my scrapbooking group) have bee searching for where we can purchase these in Canada. Love this site.

    • Yes, that is one thing I can not control. I try and get several quotes and pick the least expensive. Haven’t done the bus yet but there would be a lot of handling and these will crush if they are under a heavy weight. I have shipped all across Canada. Some think the rates are good others not. It is inexpensive when you compare it to buying from the US when you get hit with exchange, duty and their very high shipping costs. If we can figure out a better way, I’m all for it.

  • Hello. I’m interested in 2 of the 8 1/2 x 11 Paper Box with the 8 slots. I would like to know the cost of shipping to K2S 1H8.

  • I noticed that your ink pad are 35.00 how much would it cost to ship two ink pad containers to Port Elgin
    N0H 2C1

  • Good morning. I am wondering how much it would be for the ink, marker, refill storage shelves and sizes of them you make please?

    • I used to make large ones contains 60 of each. We found that they were big and ackwatd to move if you were taking them to a class etc. So we have changed the design as you can see on the site to be just 20 in each. They are 12.125x6x9.5 inches and cost $50 each or 3 for $125 plus shipping.

      This configuration allows you to stack then vertically or horizontally and easily transport the box.

      Hope this answers your question.


  • Hi John. I have given this more thought and decided to go ahead and get 2 of your stamp pad boxes to try. I would like to get them in the white finish. Thank you.

  • Do you know how many copic markers could be stored in your marker boxes? How many in each slot of Marker Box 2. How many is the big compartments of Marker Box 1.

    • I have made several marker boxes for specific kinds of markers. The answer to your question is as many as you would like to have. The largest one I have made to date holds 164 markers. The way we do this is you send a picture of the marker and the dimensions, tell me how many you would like to store, I do a drawing and we discuss the proposed solution until we are both satisfied that it meets all of our concerns and then I make it for you. pricing is in line with the regular products on the web site. If there is enough interest in the design, I will then put it on the web site for others to see. What did you have in mind?


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